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Good Walls with Removable Stickers

First, the surface that you choose for sticking the decal should be clean and smooth. If the surface is dirty or uneven, chances are that the stickers may fall off sooner than later. Also, if you have just painted the walls of the room, then you preferably stick the decals about a month after the paint job is done. Then you will get long-lasting results.

It is not only on the walls, you can also stick these decals on other non-porous surfaces such as cupboards, fridges, glass, door, tables and more. When you buy the removable stickers, they come with instructions that will explain how to adhere them to different surfaces.

These wall stickers come in a range of colours, shapes, themes and patterns. You can choose ones that match your home interiors. If you have decorated your child’s room in a fairy tale theme, then you can get the Disney fairies stickers to complete the theme. Car decals or football decals will look perfect in your child’s room designed on a similar theme. You also get floral wall decals that you can use to bring in a spot of nature to your home interiors. Wall decals with quotes are also very popular. Positive and encouraging quotes on the wall will be a great motivator for the family. You can also have quotes from your favourite writer or philosopher on the walls. These stickers help add a personal touch to your home decor.

Now that you’ve dressed up the walls with beautiful and colourful stickers, are you wondering what to do if you get bored with them? That’s the beauty of peel and stick stickers. You can adhere them to one part of the wall. And if the look gets boring after sometime, simply peel it off and stick it up in another place. So, you will have a new look each time.

These removable stickers also offer a great option for your child to decorate his/her bedroom all by themselves. They will enjoy sticking the decals in one part of the room and moving them elsewhere after a few weeks.