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Lighting For Hot Tub

Install in-spa lighting afterwards.

The easiest way to do this is to replace the standard 12 V bulbs with soft, multi-color LED lights. This turns a normal hot tub into a luxury hot tub. It is also fairly cheap and easy to do. Various online companies sell upgrade kits that work with most hot tubs.

It is very important that the person installing the upgrade really knows what he/she is doing. Electricity and water are a dangerous combination, and there are a lot of ways this can go wrong. Each light fixture needs to have a watertight seal with the fibreglass shell. Each lens needs to have a watertight seal with the fixture. If the fit isn’t perfect, the part needs to be replaced. If it leaks during use, tubbers will get a painful 12 V shock.

When choosing an upgrade kit, keep all of the information about your hot tub on hand. You want an upgrade kit that will upgrade all your hot tub lights. You also want the lights to be strong enough to illuminate the length, width, and depth of your hot tub. For a typical hot tub, three or four feet of light penetration will be enough. For a two-person hot tub, this will be uncomfortably bright. Only take as much brightness as you need to fully light the tub.

Install surrounding lighting

This isn’t the best option. Surrounding lighting does not light up the water like in-spa lighting does. It can also be bright and harsh. However, it can be a cheap and quick way to set a mood.

Don’t try to light the water from the outside. You can rely on your hot tub’s 12 V bulbs to get in and out of the tub. Instead, use lights outside the hot tub to set the scene.

The most affordable option is Christmas lights. Use wide-angle high-wattage LED to light the ground around your hot tub, and low-wattage candle lights to light the trees, shrubs, banister, gazebo or other raised features near your hot tub. This will create a magical, Hollywood-like ambience.