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Squishy Pillow

Pillows were used for the first time by the people of Mesopotamia in 7000 B.C. Since then they have been in use in different forms and varieties by people everywhere. But one thing has been found to be common all these years in all types of pillows. Good quality pillows have always been made using soft materials like feathers, cotton, furs etc. These materials were used to make it squishy and soft. Squishy pillows provide comfort to our body and ensure un- interrupted blood flow to our head and further into the other parts of our body too. However, you must also be careful to make sure that the pillow is not too soft and does not provide any support.

To this day we use a variety of soft materials including: nylon, spandex, microfibers and polystyrene micro beads to make soft pillows. Use of such materials provides a number of advantages to people. As these materials do not absorb or retain moisture or water, hence they inhibit growth of microbes and fungus. This specifically is of utmost benefit to people that are sensitive to allergens as these pillows save them from such pain and discomfort causing agents. These pillows can be washed also. They come in a number of varieties like travel pillows, bolster pillows, neck pillows and body pillows etc.

But unfortunately, it has been noted that people do not pay much attention to the quality of a pillow when buying it. People normally do not spend any considerable amount of time or resources when they make their decision to purchase a mattress and/or a pillow. It is due to their unawareness about the importance of shape, texture and quality of a pillow. A bad shaped, too hard or too soft a pillow without the proper support in the correct areas might give one a cervical problem and a constant backache. In extreme cases it can even lead to even spinal disc dislocation, sciatica, spinal arthritis etc. So it is suggested that you should be extremely cautious while selecting a mattress and/or a pillow for yourself. A mattress and a pillow should provide just the right combination of softness and support in the right places, it should be squishy, feel soft yet supportive and be well shaped. Next time you are thinking about a pillow or having trouble sleeping, consider a squishy pillow filled with microbeads.